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Cindy Magnuski, Manager of Gold’s Gym in Camp Hill and a former Westover resident, tells us that fitness in Westover is the very best place (well almost, Gold’s is still the best) to walk and jog.  The streets are safe and we are so fortunate to have sidewalks throughout Westover and we even have handicap cut outs for all the corners.


It is critical to re-hydrate after exercise.  It is also important to eat about an hour before your walk and after your walk; eat something that has protein to help replenish the muscles.  If walking at night or in the early am, it is very important to have a reflector on your body so motorists can see you.


"The trail maps that Westover provides are a great way for you to measure your distance so that you can constantly be adding just a little bit each time till you reach the goal you have set for yourself," according to Cindy.


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